Top 5 tips to consider when you hire a DJ for your event: - Get Down Entertainment
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Top 5 tips to consider when you hire a DJ for your event:

Top 5 tips to consider when you hire a DJ for your event:

1)  Make it clear what style of DJ you would like
This applies to both the music they will play as well as their style of audience interaction. Do you want a DJ that will focus on the music and talk very little, or is it more important to have a DJ who specialises in audience interaction and party games? Do you want a wide range of classic party hits or a modern set of club anthems? A really good DJ can adapt to most situations and requests – bit it’s important to make it really clear what type of DJ you’re looking to hire from the start.

2)  Recent customer references
Make sure you ask for plenty of testimonials from previous customers which show the DJ was able to read the audience and keep the dance-floor entertained. Make sure the DJ is experienced at working the same type of event you’re organising. Being a good wedding DJ for example requires specific skills, equipment and experience.

3)  What equipment and lighting will they provide?
Will your DJ provide a high quality sound system and suitable lighting for the different stages of your event? For example, a Wedding DJ should be able to provide subtle ‘mood’ lighting and quiet background music for early in the evening, as well as more exciting flashing lights, scanners and effects for the dance floor. A really good quality PA system will allow the DJ to play music loud enough for people to really feel the energy and thump of the music – but without the music sounding too loud. Cheap PA systems sound awful when pushed past a certain volume and it makes the music sound harsh and tiring.

4)  Is the DJ prepared to allow you and your guests to use the microphone?
Although this is sometimes taken for granted by event organisers, many DJ’s do not like other people singing, presenting awards or giving speeches through their microphone/PA system – mainly so they can be sure nothing gets broken. It is best to get it clear prior to the event to what extent the DJ will allow other people to use his/her equipment.

5)  Hire a professional
Although it’s tempting to look for a cheaper local DJ – don’t underestimate how crucial the quality of the DJ will be on the night of your event. The DJ will be responsible for entertaining all of your guests over at least four hours. They will be the main focal point of the evening. Do you really want to risk hours of complete embarrassment for the sake of a few hundred pounds? A great DJ will make your party – so expect to pay in the region of £400 – £600